Alexandre Tansman

Kol Nidre - New Visions

SPECIAL OFFER on the CD at a price of 10 € (Transport fee included) until the 17th of October 2019, on the occasion of Yom Kippour. LATEST RELEASE OF THE EIJM. This CD presents 10 new musical (…) Read more

Art music 2

In this playlist you will listen to music pieces from great composers such as Kurt Weill, Fernand Halphen, Serge Kaufmann... Read more

Classical music

Here is a compilation of the finest classical pieces by Emile Kaçmann, Kurt Weill, Fernand Halphen, Serge Kaufmann ... Read more

Building up Alexandre Tansman’s collection

Following the radio show dedicated to the Jewish work of Alexandre Tansman (1897-1986), the composer’s daughters, Mireille and Marianne Tansman, did us the honour to give the European Institute of (…) Read more