The FCJM partners

The French Center for Jewish Music wishes to express its thanks and pay tribute to its donors and sponsors, whose generous support allows the center to enrich its collections through new acquisitions and to make Jewish music accessible to as many people as possible, free of elitism but without lowering standards.

Created in 2000, with money from the expropriated property of the Jews of France, the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah’s mission is to support projects in all areas of history and research into the Shoah, education and transmission, memory, solidarity and Jewish culture.

The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah aids the Memorial of the Shoah in Paris in perpetuity and contributes to its development.

<img86|left>Founded in 1985 by Israel Adler, Frank Alvarez-Pereyre and Simha Arom, Yuval, the Center for the Preservation of the Musical Traditions of the Jews, aims at collecting, preserving, studying and spreading the Jewish musical heritage all over the world.

<img88|left>The Foundation for French Judaism was founded in 1974 and recognised as a public interest foundation in 1978.

The Henriette Alphen-Schumann Foundation

The Alice and Fernand Halphen Foundation

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