Latkes un Fidlers

Radio broadcast hosted by Jean-Gabriel Davis


Special broadcast about food and drinks !
On the menu, starters with Klezmer Nova, a first dish by Aaron Lebedeff, the main course will be served by Henri Gerro, a little bit of cheese with Hasidic New Wave, a desert by Yom, and to drink, a delicious bottle provided by the guitarist Tim Sparks. And many appetizers with all that!


Jean-Gabriel Davis is a musician, singer (especially with the band Klunk), archivist at the EIJM , host of radio programs, and passionate of Yiddish. In 2012, he created and hosted a radio broadcast called “Latkes un Fidlers”, dedicated to klezmer music, Yiddish songs, and everything close to that. That show was broadcasted on a web radio, Radio XP, the radio of the Gare Expérimentale, a Paris non lucrative organisation of alternative and underground cuilture.

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