Judeo-Spanish, Sefardi music

Animal K

(Fusion Jewish Music, France) Animal K is an unprecedented encounter between Marie-Suzanne de Loye’s baroque viola da gamba, Violaine Lochu’s protean voice and Serge Teyssot-Gay’s electric rock (…)
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(Song of the Balkans, Sephardic songs, Lyon) BALKANES was created in December 1996 through the encounter of four young women. From different backgrounds, they have come together to create (…)
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Claire Zalamansky

(Sephardic songs, France) Claire Zalamansky performs music from a plural Spain, where, at one time, Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in good intelligence (…)
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Hélène Engel

(Montreal, Judeo-Spanish, Yiddish) Hélène is a singer, musicologist, songwriter, performer & arranger.
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Keren Esther

(Sephardic chants, Switzerland) "The Judeo-Spanish songs have held a prominent place from the first moments of my life."
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La Roza enflorese

(Judeo-Spanish, Belgium) Since 2000, La Roza Enflorese has been playing the Sephardic monodic repertoire.
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Liat Cohen

(Classical music, Sephardic music, France) A pioneer of the revival of classical guitar and contemporary creation, Liat Cohen gives his first recitals at the age of 14. Nicknamed "Princess of the (…)
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Marc Amouyal

(Judeo-Spanish, France) For Marc Amouyal, the Mediterranean music is that of his childhood. In the tradition of the troubadours, he performs romansas and (…)
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Marlène Samoun

(Sephardic songs, Hebrew, Paris) Marlène Samoun is a French singer specializing in traditional music of the Mediterranean, especially Judeo-Spanish music.
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Mosaik Klezmer

(Klezmer, judeo-spanish, judeo-arabic, Paris) Formed in 2011, this group draws its inspiration from klezmer music, an Ashkenazi Jewish musical tradition, which mixes influences such as (…)
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(Judo-Spanish, France) The story of Presensya is first and foremost the story of friendship. Hélène and Isaia met in Lyon and shared the same enthusiasm for traditional Spanish-speaking songs, (…)
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Raisins et Amandes

(Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish, Toulouse) The Raisins et Amandes Ensemble performs melodies from the Jewish diaspora in Ladino and Yiddish, transmitted during various migrations from Spain and Central (…)
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Rémy Yulzari

Bassist and composer Rémy Yulzari reinvents the role of double bass solo and in collaboration in a wide range of musical styles from a very wide geographical and historical (…)
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(Paris, Sephardic songs) Parisian quartet that plays Ladino songs in a modern way.
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YAMMA ensemble

(Eclectic Jewish Music, Tel-Aviv) Beyond the usual repertoires of Jewish music (Sefarade, Klezmer, Yemenite, etc ...) Yamma Ensemble puts in the foreground an original music that draws on the (…)
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