Shira u’tfila

Native of Belgrade, Shira u’tfila was founded in 2000 by Stefan Sablic (Asher Alkalay), singer and musician

In Hebrew, Shira means « song and prayer », It’s a multi-ethnic band that performs Sefardi music.

Shira u’tfila combines music from Sefardi, Spanish, Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic, Greek and South of the Balkans. They perform in several languages : Ladino, Hebrew, Serbian, Turkish and Greek.

Since its creation, the band was mainly involved in projects relared to religious music, and then specialized in the musical Sefardi traditions of the Balkans.

They recorded nine albums - seven related to profane Sefardi music from the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Middle-East (Nagila Aleluya 2001, Bisharayih Yerushalaim 2004, Heritage 2007, Drita Tutunović & Shira u’tfila Donde Tiyenes Ojos? 2007, Kante Enkantante 2008, The Sephardic Songs from the Balkans 2008, Biviniendo en cantando 2010) and two albums related to religious music (Shacharit shel Shabbat 2007 and Arvit shel Shabbat).

Shira u’tfila performed concerts in many countries (among which Tunisia, Italy, Israel, Bulgaria, Malta, Croatia, Bosnia, Ungary, Poland, Austria, Romania and Macedonia, and in many festivals such as Esperanza, Gesher - Black Sea Festival, Beyahad Festival, Serbia Sounds Global, Exit...

Stefan Sablic – oud, vocal
Srdian Diordievic – double bass
Diordie Stijepovic – double bass
Akash Bhatt – darbuka, frame drums, percussion
Filip Krumes – violin
Zorz Grujic – kaval
Elad Gabbay – qanun
Aleksandar Karlic – riq
Drita Tutunovic – vocal
Ichak Papo – percussion
Dejan Zaric – percussion
Ivana Jelisavcic – vocal
Dozidar Obradinovic – darbuka
Isak Asiel – vocal

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See their facebook page
Listen extracts from their CD Heritage

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