Naftule Brandwein

PLAYLIST Dedicated to the music of the Clarinet player Naftule Brandwein Read more

Ghetto songs

PLAYLIST Listen to this selection of songs written in ghettos, or talking about life in the ghettos. Read more

Yom Haatsmaout

PLAYLIST On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel, here is a musical selection dedicated to the independence of Israel (…) Read more

Discovering "MIMOUNA"

PLAYLIST Listen to a musical selection for the celebration of the Mimouna Read more

Music of the Jewish people from Turkey

PLAYLIST During this unique journey you will hear some of the most talented representatives of this musical heritage of the Jews of Turkey ... Read more

Baroque Jewish music 1

PLAYLIST Baroque Jewish music - Presentation by ethnomusicologist Hervé Roten Read more

Psalms: about Psalms 92 and 93

PLAYLIST Listen to Psalms 92 and 93 according to different rites and traditions Read more

Medieval Jewish music

PLAYLIST Listen to a selection of Jewish music from the Middle Ages Read more

Shalom Berlinski, the song from the heart

PLAYLIST Listen to the most beautiful melodies of chazanut by Shalom Berlinski, first cantor in the synagogue of la Victoire from 1948 to 1979 Read more

Songs of the Jewish people from Tunisia

PLAYLIST Listen to a music selection of the best Jewish singers from Tunisia ... Read more

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Shavuot - a door into the 8th dimension

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The routes of klezmer : Sirba Octet or Classic world

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