Songs of Moroccan Jews 2

PLAYLIST Judeo-Moroccan music comes from the fusion of Moroccan and Andalusian cultures... Read more

Simhat Torah 2

PLAYLIST Celebrated on the 23rd of the month Tishri (on the 22nd in Israel, this ceremony takes place at the same time as Chemini atseret), Simhat Torah (in Hebrew “joy of the Torah”), is a (…) Read more

Biblical cantillation and psalmody - Jean-Philippe Amar

As part of the day of study Vox Aurea-Via Sacra 2014, dedicated to sacred Jewish music, Jean-Philippe Amar, PhD in ethnomusicologyoctorant en and teacher of music education at the Paris academy, (…) Read more

Souccot 2

PLAYLISTRetour ligne automatique Here is a 2nd playlist on the occasion of the Jewish holiday Sukkot. Read more

The Israeli sequence by Avner Azoulay (2)

A presentation of Israeli music, at the same time Sefardi, ashkenazi and middle-eastern by Avner Azoulay, host on Judaïques FM 94.8 Read more

Fernand Halphen - A Jewish musician in the Great War : conference by Laure Schnapper

As part of the conference cycle : arts and politics, of the EHESS which took place on December 10 2015, Laure Schnapper presente the composer Fernand Halphen, who died for France mort pour la in (…) Read more

The summer playlist of Yiddish and klezmer music...

PLAYLIST For the summer break, we have the pleasure to propose to hyou a selection of Yiddish songs and klezmer music taken from our archives. Have a good trip in the musical world of the (…) Read more

The summer playlist of Judeo-Spanish music...

PLAYLIST Discover below a selection of Judeo-Spanish music, taken from our archives, to make you wait in good company until September! These melodies that evoke love between lovers and family, (…) Read more

The summer playlist of Israeli-Oriental music...

PLAYLIST To fully enjoy the summer vacations, here is a selection of hits from Israeli-Oriental music, in Hebrew : Muzika Mizrahit’ ve Yam Tikhonit’. During this rhythmed and spicy journey, we (…) Read more

Enchanted Jewish music: Enrico Macias and Socalled

RADIO BROADCAST Hélène Engel presents the albums of Enrico Macias and Socalled released in 2011 Read more

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Songs of Moroccan Jews 2

PLAYLIST Judeo-Moroccan music comes from the fusion of Moroccan and Andalusian cultures...