Shabbat songs in the Ethiopian rite

A selection of Ethiopian Shabbat songs, performed by a soloist priest and a choral of priests, mainly in ge’ez language - a holy idiom, known only by insiders… Read more

The Chasidic Shabbat songs

A selection of Shabbat songs from various Chasidic dynasties (Gur, Loubavitch, Bratslav…) and more contemporary interpretations by Shlomo Carlebach, Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried or Yaakov (…) Read more

Shabbat songs in the Comtadine and Portuguese rites

A selection of Shabbat songs from communities of Portuguese rites (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Bordeaux, Bayonne, New York, Curaçao…) and from the Comtat Venaissin, performed by Abraham Lopes (…) Read more

Shabbat songs in the East European rite

A selection of Shabbat songs from Eastern Europe including historical recordings by Yossele Rosenblatt, Gershon Sirota, Leibele Waldmann, Pierre Pinchick, Zawel Kwartin, Moshe Koussevitzky, (…) Read more

Shabbat songs in the Tunisian rite

A selection of Shabbat songs from Tunisia performed by Mr. Hababou, Abraham Cohen, Salomon Bellaiche, Hagaye Batzri, Itsik Eshel and Yehouda Zeitoun... Read more

Fromental Halévy, opera arias and synagogue songs

The following playlist features an excerpt from the opera La Juive (1835), followed by several psalms, such as Mizmor lessodo (ps. 100), Adochem Zehonorou (ps. 115), Min hametsar (ps. 118) or (…) Read more

Tu BiShvat 2

PLAYLIST The holiday Tu BiShvat is defined in the Mishna as the « New Year of the Trees » Read more

Klezmer bands "made in France"

A selection of klezmer music performed by French artists, such as Kalarash, Denis Cuniot, Les Oreilles d’Aman and many others... Read more

Shabbat songs in the Algerian rite

A selection of Shabbat songs from Algeria performed by Georges Haik, Haim Harboun, André Taieb, Adolphe Attia, Albert Bouadana, Malkiel Benamara, Philippe Darmon, Enrico (…) Read more

Shabbat songs in the Italian rites

A selection of Italian Shabbat songs (Roman, Sefardic and Provencal rites…) performed by Albert Funaro, Gadiel Liscia, Bruno Polacco, David Prato... Read more

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