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Since the dawn of time, Jewish music has been transmitted orally. Except three manuscript fragments of Ovadia the Proselyte in the 12th century [1] and some biblical cantillations of the 15th and 16th centuries

It was not until the 17th century that the first written lusic played in a Jewish context appeared in Italy, Amsterdam and Comtat Venaissin. And these works are really modern since they borrow the musical language of the time: the baroque!

[1] Cf. Israel Adler, "Les chants synagogaux notés au XIIe siècle (ca 1102-1150) par Abdias le prosélyte normand", Revue de Musicologie, 51, 1965, pp. 19-51.

[2] Il s’agit notamment de cantillations bibliques notées par des humanistes chrétiens désireux d’étudier les textes bibliques dans leur version originale. Cf. J. Böschenstein (Codex hebraicus, Munich, vers 1500), Johannes Reuchlin (De accentibus et orthographia linguae hebraicae, Haguenau, 1518), ou encore Sebastian Münster (Institutiones grammaticae in hebream linguam, Bâle, 1524).

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  • Estro poetico harmonico (Marcello Benedetto) (EXTRAIT) - Ensemble Apollo

  • Psalm 146 Haleluyah (Rossi) (EXTRAIT) - Profeti della quinta

  • Lemi ehpots laasot yeqar (Rossi) - Ensemble texto

  • Cantate guetteur (Grossi) (EXTRAIT) - Ensemble Apollo

  • Symphony-overture in C Adon Olam (S. H. Jarach) (EXTRAIT) - Synagogal Music in the Baroque

  • Inauguration de la synagogue de Sienne (EXTRAIT) - Gallichi et Drei

  • Canticum hebraicum (Saladin) (EXTRAIT) - Joël Cohen

  • Hamessiah illemim (Caceres) (EXTRAIT) - Avner Itaï

  • Kol haneshama - Ensemble Texto

  • Beyt Yisrael sifdu (Lidarti) - Ensemble Texto

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