Discovering "MIMOUNA"

by Avner Azoulay


The Mimouna appeared in Morocco shortly after the arrival of the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492.
It was thought and wanted like a cry of the heart, like a song of hope by this community having suffered the opprobrium, the repression and the pyres in Spain. Expelled on the night of the first Passover Seder, on the orders of King Ferdinand of Aragon and his wife Queen Isabella of Castile, the Jews arrive in Morocco in haste, just like their ancestors hastily leaving Egypt Pharaohs.

These early Sephardic Jews in the land of Islam instinctively joined together and gathered their few resources to spend together the Passover festival with dignity. At the end of the eighth and last day of Passover, still in a state of shock, they chose to meet again to appease their anguish around a festive meal. On the menu: Spanish culinary specialties based on wheat flour and bread accompanied by musical instruments and liturgical songs in Ladino from their native Spain.

Later in history, they will adopt the culinary specialties and the musical style of Morocco.

Thus was born that singular night of "Mimouna" deriving its etymology from the Hebrew word "Emuna" which means faith. This festive evening is intended to revive faith in hearts, to give hope in better days.

The playlist below offers a musical journey, to the rhythm of the melodies of the Mimouna. These tunes take us back to the warm atmosphere of this popular festival, now spread all over the world, and recognized in Israel as a national holiday during which communities of all origins gather in music around a good meal .
Happy Mimouna !

Listen to the radio show : The Oriental festival (special Mimouna) - hosted by Maurice Azoulay

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  • Medley Mimouna - Groupe Marrakech

  • Avraham Avinou - Elie Melloul

  • Ysmah Moshe et Achorere Chira - Haim Louk

  • Mahani Zine - Emile Zrihen

  • Ahlan Ouasahlan (musique d’ouverture de la Mimouna) - Groupe Sfataim

  • Tixbilla - Mike Karouchi

  • Enhabek Enhabek - Pinhas Cohen

  • Lalla Mimouna - Chorale Juive Marocaine

  • Bint Bladi - Groupe Marrakech

  • Flamenco Judio marroqui - Emil Zrihan

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