Fromental Halévy, opera arias and synagogue songs


A prolific composer of the 19th century, Fromental Halévy (1799-1862) composed nearly 37 operas (including his hugely successful opera La Juive), numerous melodies, duets and other romances. Born into a Jewish family from Bavaria and Lorraine, Fromental Halévy benefited from the emancipation of the Jews of France to pursue a musical career that brought him to the pinnacle of glory. Considered in his time as one of the masters of French music, along with Rossini, Auber and Meyerbeer, Fromental Halévy did not however forget his origins and composed no less than ten pieces in Hebrew (seven psalms and three prayers) for the Jewish consistorial cult.

The following playlist presents the most famous aria from his opera La Juive (1835): Eleazar’s Cavatina or Rachel, quand du Seigneur, followed by several psalms, such as Mizmor lessodo (ps. 100), Adochem Zehonorou (ps. 115) Min hametsar (ps. 118) or Mimaamakim (ps. 130), performed by the Léon Algazi’s choir, Marcel Lorrand and the Strasbourg synagogue choir, Michel Heymann, La Truite Lyrique and the Polyphonies hébraïques de Strasbourg conducted by Hector Sabo.

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  • La Juive (opéra de F. Halévy) - Cavatine d’Eléazar - Cesar Vezzani

  • Hodou ladonaï (ps. 118 - Hallel) - Halévy - Marcel Lebreton (ténor) et chœur dirigé par Léon Algazi

  • Odekho (ps 118, 21) - Halévy - Marcel Lorand et Choeur de la grande synagogue de Strasbourg (Extrait)

  • Adochem Ze’honorou (ps. 115) - Halévy - Michel Heymann (Extrait)

  • Mizmor lessodo (ps. 100) - Halévy - Magdalena Lukovic (Mezzo solo) et La truite lyrique (Extrait)

  • Mimaamakim (ps. 130) n°1 Marche funèbre - Halévy - Micael Berger (flûte) et Léo Sabo (piano), arrangement : Hector Sabo (Extrait)

  • Mimaamakim (ps. 130) n°3 Air - Halévy - Jean Moissonnier (Basse solo) et Léo Sabo (piano) (Extrait)

  • Mimaamakim (ps. 130) n°2 Chœur - Halévy - Ensembles La Truite Lyrique et les polyphonies hébraïques de Strasbourg (Extrait)

  • Min hametsar (ps 118) - Halévy - Ensembles La Truite Lyrique et les polyphonies hébraïques de Strasbourg (Extrait)

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