Oriental dance


Oriental dance comes from Egypt, and got developed in North Africa and in the Middle East. It contains different styles depending on the country of origin, and many new fusions. This dance is characterized by the dissociation of body parts that can move independantly, on irregular rhythms as much as slow and fluid rhythms. There are several different styles of dance : the Baladi and Shaabi (popular dances), the Raqs Sharqi (the most spread one, that adds modern influences), folkloric dances (Saïdi, Fellahi, Bambouti...) and also fusions of differents tyles (flamenco-oriental, tango-oriental, Tribal etc..).

During family festivities in Jewish communities of North Africa and of Middle East, the Oriental dances, taken from local folklore, held an important role, in particular during "henna", traditional ceremony preceding the arrival of the bride and groom under the nuptial canopy.

To illustrate, here is a selection of some of the most lively Oriental music to dance.

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  • Ahlan Ouasahlan - Danse flamenco-marocaine

  • Caftanek Mahloul - Danse Oranaise

  • Et’ Dodim Kala - Danse Yéménite

  • Intro -Taalil - Danse Tunisienne

  • Mavi Boncuk - La Fete Orientale Turque

  • Mchate Aliya - Tango Algérois

  • Sidi ’Hbibi - Danse Marocaine

  • Yachar MéHachkhouna - Danse israelo-orientale

  • Yalla Bina - Danse Orientale Moderne

  • Yavazi el Falfilu - Danse Egyptienne

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