Shabbat songs in the Italian rites


The Shabbat, the day of rest, is a very important event of Jewish life. And the songs that rhythm this particular day hold a major place, at the synagogue with the five services from Kabbalat shabbat to Motsei shabbat, as well as at home with the rituals of lighting the candles, the Friday night Kiddush (blessing of the wine), the Birkat hamazone (prayers at the end of a meal), or the Havdala (last Kiddush which closes Shabbat).It is also a custom to sing, during the four Shabbat meals, several religious poems called Zemirot (or Tish nigunim by the Chasidim).
The Shabbat allows thus to find our inner route by the means of our outer voice.

The following playlist features a selection of Shabbat songs performed by cantors from Roma, Florence, Venice, Padova and Pitilgliano, such as Albert Funaro, Gadiel Liscia, Bruno Polacco or David Prato... Note that most of the songs of this playlist are accompanied by music instruments, which is not the case today in most of Jewish communities, except for reformed synagogues.

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  • Lekha dodi (Rome) - Alberto Funaro

  • Eshet chail (Padoue) - Shire Miqdash

  • Jom Hashishi (Rome) - Salvatore Saya - Coro Ha kol

  • Ba-me madliqin (Venise) (rite sefarade) - Bruno Polacco

  • Yigdal (Pitilgliano)

  • Kiddushim di shabbat (Florence) - Gadiel Liscia

  • Mizmor shir le-yom ha-Shabbat (Venise) (rite sefarade) - Bruno Polacco

  • Mizmor LeDavid - Florence Synagogue Choir (Extrait)

  • Hashkivenu - Salomone Rossi - Jeremy Avis (Extrait)

  • Keduscia - Canti liturgici sefarditi - David Prato (Extrait)

  • Kedoucha - Salomone Rossi - Yaacov Toledano (Extrait)

  • Ose shalom (Rome) - Coro Ha kol

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