Songs of the Jewish people from Tunisia


It is through successive diasporas that Jewish culture will gradually take root in the lands of present-day Tunisia. This is how the songs in Arabic and music happily punctuate the celebrations of the Brit Milah (circumcision) weddings and Bar Mitzvah.

And to better blend into the landscape, the greatest singers take Arabic-sounding pseudonyms. Isserène Israel Rozio will become Cheïkh El Afrite, Elie Touitou will be El Kahlaoui Tounsi (Kahlaoui the Tunisian). And as singing is forbidden to Muslim women, the greatest female singers will often be Jewish, like Louisa Tounisia (Louisa the Tunisian), Fritna Darmon, Leyla Sfez or the famous Hbiba Msika, born Margueritte Mskika.

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  • Orkos ya rakassa - Raoul Journo

  • Taalil l’aâroussa - Tounsi el Kahlaoui

  • Mahla Aaroussetna (EXTRAIT) - José de Suza

  • Salma (EXTRAIT) - Raoul Journo

  • Biyout le Mila - Nathan Cohen

  • Tensani (EXTRAIT) - Tounsi el Kahlaoui

  • Soug Egmel ya khale - Raoul Journo

  • Ya Ourda (EXTRAIT) - Louisa Tounsia

  • Lay Guellel Sidi Khoula - Cheikh el Afrite

  • Ya haylowet el Halwine - Tounsi El Kahlaoui

  • Ta Alä Indi (EXTRAIT) - Louisa al-Tûnisiyya

  • Ps. 92. 9-16 Tunis - Insel Djerba (Die Musik der Bibel)

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