The Israeli sequence by Avner Azoulay (2)

2nd part

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Defining Israeli music?

A mixed salad composed of several types of Jewish music from all around the world and gathered throughout the centuries. This is my perception of Israeli music, at the same time Sephardi, Ashkenazi and Middle Eastern... Thus we have a Jewish musical range from all over the world, which was forged to create Israeli music.

I invite you here to discover one of the multiple facets of Israeli music, one turned towards direction of the East and its spiced music.

I grew up listening to Eastern and Israeli music since I was a baby, with my father, first Jewish DJ in Paris and radio host of the show “ la fête orientale” on Judaïques FM since 1981. Therefore, with a lot of humility, I propose to you a few delicious songs of the “Mizrahit” music, or Eastern-Israeli music.

During this journey, we will hear the founders of this music, in particular Zohar Argov, considered as the king of Eastern-Israeli music.
We will land softly with the new names and talents of nowadays.
I wish you a pleasant journey and listening...
Avner Azoulay

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  • Etmol Hayit’ Shona - Shimi Tavori

  • Hakolot Shel Piréouss - Haim Moshé

  • Esh Esh - Zehava Ben

  • Hapérah’ Bégani - Zohar Argov

  • Yahad - Kobi Perets & Ishtar

  • Halfou Yamaye - Avner Gadassi

  • Ménaguénèt’ Et’ Hayaye - Eyal Golan & Sarit Hadad

  • Ahavat’ Hayaye - Haim Moshé

  • Od Yom Yavo - Zohar Argov

  • Inta Daymane - Sarit Hadad

  • Hakol Koré BéTel Aviv - Doudou Aharon & Sharif

  • Raaya - Ychai Lévi

  • Haguigua BéIsrael - Lior Narkis & Doudou Aharon

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