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Lea Goldberg is an author of books in prose, and in particular nursery rhymes, playwright, translator and specialist of literature. She is one of the most important poetess in Israel. Many of her poems have been put on music.

In her poetry, she speaks of solitude and seperation, with tragic intonations that may refer to her own solitude.

We can find Lea Goldberg’s poems in the music albums of many Israeli singers such as Chava Alberstein, Yehudit Ravitz, Nurit Galron, Achinoam Nini, Arik Einstein and Yossi Banai.

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  • Rainbow (Keshet Baanane) - Uzi Fuks

  • The love of Theresa Dimon (Ahavat shel Theresa Dimon) - Nira Gal

  • Ahava Rishona - The Brothers & The Sisters

  • Waiting for Elijah (Yémé Nissan) - Bet Alfa Singers

  • Mul Chalon Beytenu - Shuly Nathan

  • The sailing song (Shir Hahaflaga) - Matti Caspi

  • The flute (Hakhalil) - The Dudaim

  • Songs of my beloved country - Chava Alberstein

  • An Old Poet (Meshorer Zaken) - Arik Einstein

  • A distant star - Yehudit Ravitz

  • Walk in the meadow - Boaz Sharabi

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