The 78 RPM discs from the ODEON music label

A selection of 78 RPM discs


The phonographic company Odeon was founded in 1903 in Berlin (Germany) by Max Straus and Heinrich Zuntz. Its name comes from the Parisian theatre l’Odéon, of which the dome appears on the logo of the company.

The music label became a subsidiary of the Carl Lindstrom company, which possessed also Beka, Parlophone and Fonotipia. In 1926, Lindstrom was bought by the English division of Columbia Graphophone.

In 1931, Columbia merged with Electrola, HMV and other music labels to form EMI.
In 1936, the Nazis took control of Odeon music label by establishing a director and an administrator affiliated to the party. The Odeon factory was for a great part destroyed by the Soviet army in 1945 during the final battles which took place in Berlin .

After World War II, the Odeon music label survived as a subsidiary of EMI in many non English speaking countries, such as West Germany, Japan, Spain, Scandinavia, Latin America and France.

Its catalogue, built before the 1960’s, features now in the public domain.

Here is a selection of tunes from 78 RPM discs of this music label that are present in our archives, recorded between 1909 and 1934.

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  • Hajom Teamzenu - Yossele Rosenblatt [Rec.1909]

  • Der mesader kedischen - Max Bruen (Rec.1928)

  • Dus butcherl - Max Bruen (Rec.1928)

  • Louis Lewandowski - Adon Olom - Verstarkter Synagogen Chor (Rec. 1929)

  • Louis Lewandowski - Mah Towu - Verstarkter Synagogen Chor (Rec.1928)

  • Max Bruch - Kol nidrei - André Levy (Rec.1930)

  • Léon Algazi - Bénédiction - André Levy (Rec.1930)

  • Joseph Achron - Danse Hébraïque - André Levy (Rec.1930)

  • Lazare Saminsky - Leiwi-Izchok’s Dudele - Joseph Blumberg (Rec.1934)

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