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Fromental Halévy (1799 – 1862) - Sa vie, sa musique

The fruit of in-depth research, this book by Karl Leich-Galland presents the life and work of Fromental Halévy, an Israelite composer considered in his time as one of the masters of the French (…) Read more

Hebrew Voices: A journey into Western Jewish music (in French)

This book takes us on a chronological circuit through 30 works of Jewish music, from the Middle Ages up to today, from Obadiah the Proselyte to Arnold Schoenberg or Michaël Levinas. The (…) Read more

The Jews in Maghreb through their singers and musicians in the 19th and 20th century

Specialist of Iranian Jewish culture, Alain Chaoulli presents in his book a wide panorama of Judeo-Arab-Andalusian music of the three countries from the Maghreb, Algeria, Morocco and (…)
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Illustrated biography, released in October 2019 by Editions Bleu Nuit, on the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880) Read more

Survivre et mourir en musique dans les camps nazis

Bruno GINER, Berg International éditeur, 2011, 192 p. From the first punitive camps of the IIIrd Reich to the death factories of Treblinka and Birkenau, passing by the prisoners of war camps, (…) Read more

Commando Musik

Book written by Willem de Vries, released in October 2019 by Buchet-Chastel Editions, in which are described the process of pillage and dispossession organized by the nazi regime, through the (…) Read more

Musiques dans les camps nazis

With a frightening description of the nazi concentration camp system, Bruno Giner shows how music can be deflected in order to profit the lowest instincts and absolute horror. A salutary book (…) Read more

Giacomo Meyerbeer

This new volume from the Horizons collection, released in february 2017 by the Editions Bleu Nuit, offers us to meet a master of the French “Grand Opera”, forsaken and (…) Read more

La Danse traditionnelle juive ashkénaze

In this book, the world’s leading specialists in the traditonal dance of the former Yiddishland (Eastern Europe) describe this emblematic aspect of popular Ashkenazi Jewish culture. The spiritual (…) Read more

Isaac Offenbach and his son Jacques

Released in 2019 by Certeza Riopiedras publishing house, Isaac Offenbach and his son Jacques is the first biography dedicated to Isaac Offenbach, Jacques Offenbach’s (…) Read more

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