Shir Hodu - Jewish Songs from Bombay of the ’30s

In Hebrew, Shir Hodu means Songs from India. It also means Songs of Praise. This anthology, the second one from the collection Jewish singers from the East, features for the first time on a CD (…) Read more

Kantikas i Dichas Infantiles Sefardis

The children’s choir of the Jewish community of Turkey, Estreyikas d’Estambol (Istanbul stars), recently celebrated its 15 years of existence with the release of a new CD Kantikas i Dichas (…)
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Raoul Journo

Still today, in Tunis, in Paris or in Tel Aviv, the warm voice of Saul Journo, aka Raoul, is heard at weddings and other Jewish ceremonies, through covers performed by various bands and singers. (…) Read more

Nora Bisele

This CD of 12 songs, stories of tenderness, nostalgia and rebellion, mixing French and Yiddish languages, is now available on the EIJM’s Online Shop Released in 2021, this first album from the (…)
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Chamber Works by Walter Kaufmann

Fourth opus from the serie Music in Exile, the CD Chamber Works by Walter Kaufmann, released by Chandos on August 28, 2020 makes us discover the unfairly forgotten work of a Jewish Czech composer (…) Read more

Jewish and Hebrew music, secular and religious, from the Middle Ages, 19th and 20th centuries

The Quatuor vocal Hébraïca (Mikaël Weill, Damien Schubert, Jean Moissonnier and Hector Sabo) performs 24 pieces, including : Yerushalayim shel zahav, Hava naguila, Kol nidrei, Avinu malkeinu, (…)
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Alberto Hemsi : Coplas Sefardies

The catalogue of the recorded works of Alberto Hemsi (1898-1975) gets bigger with the release of a new 3 CD box set published by Hänsser Classic, on September 30, 2020. The soprano singer Tehila (…) Read more

En allant à Uskudar

The first album of Les Oreilles d’Aman, En allant à Uskudar (Going to Uskudar) explores the interbreedings of Jewish music, Turkish and Balkan melodies, with Klezmer and Gypsy tunes, passing by (…)
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Judeo-Spanish Songs for the Life Cycle in the Eastern Mediterranean / Cantares Judeo-espanoles del Ciclo de la Vida en el Mediterraneo Oriental

24th volume from the Anthology of Music Traditions in Israel, this double CD, attached with a very rich booklet in Hebrew and English, was released in 2014 by the Jewish Music Center of the (…) Read more

Sound of Prayer

With cantor Naftali Herstik, conducted by Elli Jaffe
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