Decile a mi Amor

These recordings are a tribute to the rich musical tradition of the Sephardim from Tetuan, under the direction and based on the research of the Israeli ethnomusicologist Susana Weich-Shahak, and (…) Read more

Métamorphose des mélodies

Double album of Hebrew and Yiddish songs, performed by Michèle Tauber, accompanied by Laurent Grynszpan on the piano. CD available on the EIMJ’s online (…)
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Simkhat Hanefesh - Early Yiddish Music

This beautiful CD released in Germany in 2017, features ashkenazi songs from the Renaissance and the baroque era, sung in Western Yiddish. Read more

Viniciu Moroianu performs George Enescu

This disc gathers works for piano and chamber music by the Romanian composer George Enescu, including two original pieces : Nocturne Ville d’Avrayen and Trio in A (…)
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Judeo-Spanish from the Balkans - Series 12

This CD/DVD boxset, including a richly documented booklet, gathers historic Judeo-Spanish recordings from the Balkans. Released in 2009 in the series audio and phonographic documents of the (…)
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Sofia Falkovitch

This 2nd musical album from mezzo-soprano Cantor Sofia Falkovitch features a collection of songs, prayers and psalms by the leading synagogue composers of pre war Europe and the United States. (…)
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CD released in 2019 for the 50th anniversary of the death of Itzik Manger. With Ruth Levin on vocals, ans Alexei Belousov on the guitar and arrangements. CD AVAILABLE on the EIJM’S ONLINE (…)
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Giacomo Meyerbeer - Hallelujah - The Choral Works

Released in 2016, in Germany, this album features in particular a unique recording of "Hallelujah" by Giacomo Meyerbeer, never published before.
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The Jewish community of Iraq numbered approximately 125.000 Jews before the massive emigration in Israel in the beginning of the 1950’s. It was one of the oldest community in diaspora, that (…)
CD - Irak
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Michel Heymann - Jewish Ashkenazi traditional liturgy

This recording presents the main prayers of Rosh Hashana’s morning service, sung in the Ashkenazi rite of the East of France. The cantor Michel Heymann gave, in the beginning of 2013, all his (…) Read more

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