Tape cinq ! - Staïffi et ses Mustafa’s

Albert Darmon, known as Staïffi, has just given to the European Institute for Jewish Music two CDs containing 24 of his most famous songs.
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Les Bubbey Mayse

Released in February 2017, this 1st CD from the quartet of singers and musicians Bubbey Mayse revisits klezmer music and Yiddish song with delicacy and (…)
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Oyf der tsung

Here is the first album of the Marx Sisters, French quintet, who perform traditional songs of Yiddish folklore.
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This beautiful double album offers a recital of melodies in which France and Jewish cultures mix subtly. Milhaud, Ravel, Honegger, Algazi are some of the composers present in this album, which is (…) Read more

Canti Liturgici Ebraici

CD of liturgical music performed by the Italian choir Ha-Kol accompanied by an organ. 14 beautiful songs taken from various religious services, now available at the (…)
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Giorgio e Gino, Canti di memoria e di speranza

Released in 2008, this CD gathers songs of resistance and memory of the Holocaust, performed in Italian by the singer and guitarist Piero Nissim, and is now part of our (…) Read more

D’Edirne à Paris

Concert of Sefardi songs, recorded in April 2014, performed by Stella Gutman, with Jean-Lou Descamps and Olivier Marcaud, on sale on the EIJM’s online (…)
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Vienna - Paris - Hollywood

Published by the music label La Musica the 22nd of Septembre 2017, Isabelle Georges singing and Jeff Cohen on the piano give us a beautiful album, that travels from classical music to music from (…)
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Songs and Prayers of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Release of a CD that puts together the traditional melodies of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur sung by Hélène Blajan accompanied by a men’s choral led by Maurice (…) Read more

Le rêve du monde (The dream of the world)

Issued in 2010 by INA Mémoire Vive, this CD dedicated to composer and performer Olivier Greif is part now of the EIJM’s collections. Read more

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