Cycle of lectures : Music and religion

A cycle of 3 lectures by the European Institute in science of religions (IESR-EPHE)

In partnership with the European Institute for Jewish Music

Present in the liturgy or called as a way to access the divine, the music often occurs in the religious experience. The two first sessions of the cycle of the IESR invite to a musicologic journey on the musical practices in a Jewish context and a muslim environment. The third session will deal, with an anthropological view, with the moral issues of the usage of music in Pentecostal churches.

Tuesday 3rd of December 2019 : Jewish music and liturgy
This lecture will present a wide panorama od Jewish liturgical musical practices, since the biblica era until today, with many audiovisual examples.

Hervé Roten is director of the European Institute for Jewish Music since its creation in 2006. Ethnomusicologist, he got interested very early in the safeguard and digitization of archives, subject that he taught during several years in the universities of Reims and Marne-La-Vallée. Author of many articles, works and discs on Jewish music, producer of radio programs, Hervé Roten is renowned today as one the best specialists of Jewish music in the world.

Tuesday 10th of December : Spiritual dimension of music in the muslim geographical area
Just like the word "sufism" is far of covering all forms of muslim spirituality, the fomula sufi music, that we see often nowadays, and forged in the Western world, is valid only for certain styles in which the forms are extremely varied. For a wider approach, this lecture will try to show the spiritual dimension of music in the muslim geographical area that is reflected in words (arabic or persian) such as ’erfâni, or ma’navi, âsemâni, and in the idea of traditionality (sonnati, an’anevi, asil, etc.) The issue is thus to define what all these music have in common despite their diversity. Audio and video examples will illustrate this lecture.

Jean During is research director in the CNRS, Laboratoire d’ethnologie et de sociologie comparative (LESC). he is the author of a dozen of books, around a hundred articles and 40 CD’s on music of Inner Asia, their form and cultural context, in particular in their relations with muslim society, reflexions and mystics. During the 1970’s, he studied the persian musical tradition in Iran and Uzbekistan with the best masters. After having performed several concerts himself, he wanted to make discover the best artists of Inner Asia (particularly Azerbaidjan, Baloutchistan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan) by organizing and being artistic director of concerts in Europe and in the United States.

Thursday 19th of December : Music and Pentecostalism: moral economy and politic of the identity
This lecture will deal with the moral issues relative to the usage of music in the construction of divine presence, issues realtive to the commercialization of religious music in a capitalist society and finally the vernacularization of the cult by musical creation.

Emir Mahieddin is in charge of research at the CNRS, member of CéSor. PhD. in social anthropology, he is specialized in charismatic evangelical, pentecostal and christian movements in North Europe, and is particularly interested in ways of interaction with the divine, the moral relation to the worshippers in a secular context, and the religious living in the migratory experience..

3 evening lectures 18h30 to 20h

Tuesdays 3 and 10 December and Thursday 19 December 2019

Normal fee : 55 € | Reduced fee : 34 €

More information on the website of the IESR.

EPHE - Bât. Maison des Sciences de l’Homme
54 boulevard Raspail, Paris 6e
Salle AS1-01 (1er sous-sol, salle 9)
Métro : Sèvres-Babylone, Rennes ou Saint-Placide

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