Read the biographies and discover the works of the people involved with Jewish music.

Ben Yosef, Benyamin Rafael (1870-1928)

Benyamin Rafael ben Yosef is born in 1870 in Adrianople (today Edirne), in Turkey. He comes, from his mother’s side, from a lineage of rabbis, among them Behmohar Rafael (1815-1878), great rabbi (…) Read more

Berlinski, Shalom (1918-2008)

Born on January 16th 1918 in Radom, a Polish village about 100 kilometers from Warsaw, Shalom Berlinski is the youngest son in a family of eight children. His father is a shoemaker, he likes to (…)
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Binn, Sylvain (1911-1999)

Sylvain Binn is born in Luxembourg on March 8th 1911. His father, Salomon Binn, native of Lithuania, was a cantor in the Jewish community of Luxembourg. His mother, Sidonie Guggenheim, was native (…) Read more

Brandwein, Naftule (1889-1963)

Naftule Brandwein (1889–1963) is born in the small town called Przemyslany in Poland, not far from Lvov, belonging to Austrian Galicia at the time, later returned to Poland in 1918. His father, (…)
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Cahen d’Anvers, Albert (1846-1903)

Albert Cahen is a French composer, born in Anvers on January 8th 1846 and deceased in La Turbie on February 27th 1903. Raised in a family of bankers, the Cahen d’Anvers, he was the student of (…)
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Cash, Dave (Louis/Ludwig Slomniker) (1910-1981)

Dave Cash, whose real name was Ludwig (Louis) Slomniker, was born on October 3, 1910 from the union of Zygmunt and Amalia Slomniker in the Polish city of Lemberg in Galicia (Lwow), now Lviv and (…) Read more

Chalude, Jacques, aka Ben Barukh (1914-1997)

Yitzhak Zaludkowski was born on September 20, 1914 in the city of Stawiszyn (Kalisz County, Poland) to a religious family. His father, as well as his uncle, were both cantors, and when his family (…) Read more

Cheikh Raymond (1912-1961)

Master of Arab-Andalusian music, Cheikh Raymond is a symbol of Judeo-Arab brotherhood which expressed itself through music between the years 1930 and 1950. His assassination by the National (…) Read more

Cooper, Adrienne (1946-2011)

Adrienne Khana Cooper (September 1st 1946 -December 25th 2011) was a singer - one of the great Yiddish performer’s of our time – and activist. She played a major role in the renewal of klezmer (…) Read more

Cuniot, Denis (1953)

Pianist of jazz and improvised music, Denis Cuniot is one of the main initiators of the revival and recognition of klezmer music in France.
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Gerro, Henri (vers 1919-1980)

Henri Gerro (Roizman) was born on August 31, 1919 in Rovno (Volhynia Province), nowadays in Ukraine. He began performing on the Polish stage at (…)

Inger, Richard (about 1915-1980)

Richard Inger was born on January 2, 1915 in Germany. He studied singing in Vienna. In 1942, he was deported to a concentration camp and owed (…)