Read the biographies and discover the works of the people involved with Jewish music.

Daniel, Itaï (1967)

Born in Israel, Itaï Daniel is a composer, pianist and conductor. He begins his musical studies by learning piano with internationally renowned teachers such as Jonathan Zak, Boris Guslitzer or (…) Read more

David, Samuel (1836-1895)

Born in Paris on November 12th 1836, Samuel David is admitted very young at the music conservatory, where he wins at the age of 13 a first prize award of solfeggio (1850) and then of harmony and (…)
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Delmin, Dany (1925)

Dany Delmin is a composer, performer and songwriter in French, Hebrew and Yiddish Born David Polack, he is the youngest in a family of 7 children. When the war breaks out, his life changes and he (…)
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Dzigan and Shumacher

Native of Łódź in Poland, Shimen (Szymon) Dzigan (1905-1980) and Yisroel Shumacher (Szumacher) (1908-1961), famous Yiddish comedy duo, were known worldwide before and after the 2nd world (…)
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Elenkrieg, Abe (1878-1965)

Besides is work as a hairdresser, Abe Elenkrieg or Elenkrig (1878-1965) was a trumpet player and conductor of the “Abe Elenkrig Yiddishe Orchestra” and of the “Hebrew Bulgarian Orchestra”. The (…)
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Engel, Hélène

Helene Engel is a classically trained singer, musicologist, composer, lyricist and arranger. A native of Paris, France, she is a specialist in Jewish folklore singing in Yiddish, Hebrew, and (…)
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Epstein Brothers

The Epstein Brothers Orchestra (also known as the Epstein Brothers) was a Jewish musical quartet from the United States that played mostly klezmer music. The four New York brothers were: Max (…)
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Franck, Jules (1858-1941)

Jules Franck is born in the French town Nancy in 1858. A few years later, his family settles in Paris (1). In January 1873, Jules Franck sings with his brothers Gustave and Isaac in the choir of (…)
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Frankel, Joseph (Lt) (1885-1953)

Joseph Frankel was born in Kiev, Russia (now Ukraine). Kiev conservatory trained bandmaster and a band leader in the Tzarist army, he toured the US in 1904 leading the 14th Regiment Military (…)
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Fried, Avraham (1959)

Avraham Shabtaï HaCohen Friedman, also known as d’Avraham Fried (born March 22nd 1959 in New York) is an American Jewish singer with an international recognition in the chassidic circle. He belongs (…)
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Gerro, Henri (vers 1919-1980)

Henri Gerro (Roizman) was born on August 31, 1919 in Rovno (Volhynia Province), nowadays in Ukraine. He began performing on the Polish stage at (…)

Inger, Richard (about 1915-1980)

Richard Inger was born on January 2, 1915 in Germany. He studied singing in Vienna. In 1942, he was deported to a concentration camp and owed (…)