Read the biographies and discover the works of the people involved with Jewish music.

Staïffi, Alberto

"Chérie je t’aime, Chérie je t’adore", simple and effective formula that made, that makes and will make the crowd dance until exhaustion. When in 1960, Alberto STAIFFI covers this song of Maghreb (…) Read more

Strauss, Isaac (1806-1888)

Isaac Strauss was born as Emmanuel Israel on 2 June, 1806 in Strasbourg. His father was a barber, who used to play violin on occasion of weddings, and festivals and he probably gave their first (…) Read more

Strom, Yale

Born in 1957 in Detroit, USA, Yale (Yitskhok) Strom is an ethnologist, fiddler, composer, writer, photograph, teacher and filmmaker.
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Sulzer, Salomon (1804-1890)

Salomon Sulzer was born on March 30th, 1804 in Hohenems (Austria). His family, who bore the name Loewy (Levi) before 1813, came from Sulz (Austria), from which comes probably the name « Sulzer ». (…)
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Tansman, Alexandre (1897-1986)

Born in Łódź, the 11th June 1897, in a Jewish bourgeois family, cultivated and music lover, Alexandre Tansman starts composing music very young « in the way of Chopin ». He studies at the same time (…)
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Tarras, Dave (1897-1989)

Dovid Tarraschuk (1897-1989), better known as Dave Tarras, is born in the village called Ternovka, near Uman in Ukraine. As a very young boy, he was immersed in klezmer music, his father being a (…) Read more

Toscano, Paul

Gypsy violinist and conductor Paul Toscano is a gypsy violinist and conductor, known in France and Europe in the second half of the twentieth century. We know relatively little about the (…)
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Villers, Alphonse de (around 1845 ?-after 1896)

We know almost nothing about Alphonse de Villers’s life. His name comes up a few times in the archives of the Israeli Consistory of Paris. It seems that he was born around 1845. He is organist and (…)
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Waldteufel, Emile (1837-1915)

Born into a Jewish family of Strasbourg, Emile Waldteufel was the favorite composer of empress Eugénie. He wrote hundreds of waltzes, including the famous Valse des patineurs (The Skater’s Waltz) (…) Read more

Weill, Kurt (1900-1950)

Kurt Julian Weill is born in Dessau on March 2, 1900. He is the third of four children of Emma Ackermann and Albert Weill, cantor in the synagogue of Dessau (from 1899 to 1919) and composer, (…) Read more

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Gerro, Henri (vers 1919-1980)

Henri Gerro (Roizman) was born on August 31, 1919 in Rovno (Volhynia Province), nowadays in Ukraine. He began performing on the Polish stage at (…)

Inger, Richard (about 1915-1980)

Richard Inger was born on January 2, 1915 in Germany. He studied singing in Vienna. In 1942, he was deported to a concentration camp and owed (…)