Read the biographies and discover the works of the people involved with Jewish music.

Jonas, Émile (1827-1905)

Emile Jonas was born to a Jewish family in Paris on March 5, 1827. His father was Simon Jonas and his mother was Jeanette Pohl. In 1841, Emile Jonas, at 14 years old, began attending the Paris (…)
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Kandel, Harry (1885-1943)

Harry Kandel was one of the pioneers of klezmer, the traditional dance music of the European Jews, in the United States. Together with his orchestra, which featured two cornets, four violins, (…)
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Katz, Mickey (1909-1985)

Mickey Katz is an american singer and clarinet player specialized in Jewish comedy and in cover of songs with a Yiddish flavour.
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Kaufmann, Serge (1930)

Composer, journalist, producer for radio and television and filmmaker, Serge Kaufman composed numerous scores for radio, television, as well as cinema and the stage. His works stand out for their (…) Read more

Kirch, Albert (1918-2016)

Deceased on April 18th 2016 at the age of 98 years old, Albert Kirch was for more than 30 years the cantor of the Jewish community of Metz. This article is a tribute to (…)
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LEON, Gilbert (1934)

Son of Emile Léon and Valentine Leon, born Lévy, Gilbert Léon, born February 28, 1934 in Bordeaux, is the eldest of a sibling of 3 children: Gilbert, Michel and Denise. His father Emile, sculptor, (…) Read more

Levy, Solly (1939-2020)

Tribute by Judith Cohen: Solly Levy was born in Tangier (Morocco) on November 1st, 1939. He emigrated to Canada with his wife, Madeleine, and their first child, Eddy, in 1968. Upon his arrival, (…)
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Lewandowski, Louis Lazarus (1821-1894)

Louis Lazarus Lewandowski was born in Wreschen (Poznan province) on April 3, 1821. He comes from a poor Jewish family and his mother passes away when he is still very young. At the age of twelve, (…)
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Lidarti, Cristiano Giuseppe (1730 - after 1793)

Composer born in Vienna but having spent a large part of his life in Italy, Lidarti is the author of several Hebrew works, including the famous oratorio Ester, the longest and richest composition (…) Read more

Lovy, Israël (1773-1832)

Born into a lineage of cantors from Poland and Pomerania, Israël Lovy is born August 31st 1773 in Schottland, near Dantzig. Eldest of a brotherhood of six children, he receives a religious and (…)
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Gerro, Henri (vers 1919-1980)

Henri Gerro (Roizman) was born on August 31, 1919 in Rovno (Volhynia Province), nowadays in Ukraine. He began performing on the Polish stage at (…)

Inger, Richard (about 1915-1980)

Richard Inger was born on January 2, 1915 in Germany. He studied singing in Vienna. In 1942, he was deported to a concentration camp and owed (…)