Son of Emile Léon and Valentine Leon, born Lévy, Gilbert Léon, born February 28, 1934 in Bordeaux, is the eldest of a sibling of 3 children: Gilbert, Michel and Denise.
His father Emile, sculptor, first prize with a special mention of the School of Fine Arts of Bordeaux, will be President of the Consistory of Bordeaux, will get the Legion of Honor and will occupy the position of City Councilor of the City of Bordeaux, delegated to the Fine -Arts.
His mother Valentine will be President of the "Israelite Ladies of Bordeaux", an association she founded after the war.
Gilbert Léon learned the liturgy during the war from his parents, clandestinely, as did the marranes. It is with his mother that he learns especially the biblical accents (teamim) of the psalms (tehilim).

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Gilbert Léon et son épouse

He will also be taught by Moïse Alvarez-Peyrere, Sadi Fonsèque and Roland Mossé, all three, great connoisseurs of the Portuguese rite of Bordeaux.
Born into a religious family, Gilbert Léon goes to the synagogue for over 60 years and for 10 to 12 years, he teaches the liturgy of Bordeaux to Talmud Torah students and young bar mitzvah.
At the same time, Gilbert Léon, cabinetmaker of the Chamber of Trades, apprentice then worker, eventually opens a cabinetmaking workshop in Bordeaux, an activity he started in 1949.
In 1961, he married Maïté Dalmeyda in Bordeaux.
Obsessed by the need to transmit the Portuguese rite, he elaborates, during his retirement in 2000 in Hossegor, a Handbook of study and application of the Hebrew liturgy of the Portuguese sefardi rite, accompagnied with 65 CD.
Gilbert Léon is also the author of a Brief History of the Jews in Bordeaux (12 manuscript pages), as well as a Reflection on the Psalm Tea’mim (35 manuscript pages) which will be finalized in 2018.

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