Monty, Line (1926-2003)

Line Monty whose real name is Éliane Serfati (also known by her stage name Leïla Fateh) is born in 1926 in Algiers in a family of music lovers.

Around the age of 25, she starts singing courses with an Italian teacher and starts performing in public, mainly for fundraisng galas.
She goes to Paris in the beginning of the 1950’s and in February 1952, starts recording under the name Line Monty, several 78 RPM records at Pathé Marconi in Arabic language.
The pianist Maurice El Médioni will be her accompanist during all her Oriental career.
Her friend Youssef Hagège also known as José De Suza, author and famous composer who accompanied the great singers of Oriental music, suggests to her one of his compositions: L’orientale.

L’Orientale becomes quickly a very famous song that will be sung ten years later by Enrico Macias.
One year after, Line changes of repertoire. She drops out temporarily Arabic singing for a "French song" repertoire.
From the end of December 1952 until October 1956, she records several 78 RPM discs at Pathé Records, accompanied by the orchestras of Raymond Legrand, Marius Coste or André Popp. 

She receives the Édith Piaf award, and the first prize of the Olympia, piles up hits in music-halls and in cabarets of rich quarters. She stands behind the colours of French singing in the whole world, Canada, United-States (she will own a club in New-York for about 10 years) South America, Germany, Holland and in the Middle East.

She will sing again, nevertheless, several Algerian songs, after the independance of Algeria.

Line Monty played her own role in the French movie le Grand Pardon 2, by Alexandre Arcady.
She died in Paris in August 2003 and is buried in the paris cemetary of Pantin.
After the death of Line Monty in 2003, and of Lili Boniche in 2008, a historical documentary about the treasures of Arabo-Andalusian music and Judeo-Arab music called Le Port des amours, was directed by Jacqueline Gozland.

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Sources :

JE CHANTE MAGAZINE n° 12, janvier 2016

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  • Ana Ene Hobek - Line Monty

  • Ma guitare et mon Pays (EXTRAIT) - Line Monty

  • Selli Amorek - Line Monty

  • Ya Oummi Ya Oummi (EXTRAIT) - Line Monty

  • Dkhil Enhassbek Ya Oueld Ettir - Line Monty

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