Sebban, Zabulon (1911-1983)

Biography written in French by his son Alain Sebban (translated by EIJM)

Born on the 11th of December in Géryville, near Oran (Algeria), Zabulon Sebban lived a full life. With his wife, Odette Rachel Cherqui, he had seven children and was for than thirty years negociator and manufacturor in Algiers.

While he was a teenager, he followed the Rabbinical Seminary « Ets Haïm » in Algiers, and his classmates were to be the great Rabbis Meyer Jaïs (Paris), and Simon Morali (Nancy then Nice). With his masters, (the great Rabbi Dayan Isaac Hanoune, the great Rabbis Loufrani and Isaac Morali), he acquired a deep knowledge of sacred texts as well as an appetite for study.

Voluntary cantor from 1927 to 1961 in the Great Termple of Algiers, then in the small synagogue of the rue Sainte, he excelled in traditional liturgy. Singing, sharing and teaching at the same time, that is what he used to do in particular, while he expressed, with silence or rhythm, this word or another (or even a syllable) in a sentence, which was important for a better understanding of the prayer. His soft, warm and modulated voice let us guess the origins of these melodies: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algiers…

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Zabulon Sebban- Lunéville 1961

Responsable of the several Talmud-Torah of Algiers, endangered by the National Liberation Front, he was forced to leave to France to build a new life. He will become minister of religion and military chaplain of the jails in Lunéville (1961 to 1970), then in Antibes, and will obtain the title of Rabbi in Dijon (1971 to 1978).

In the last years of his life, he finished a remarkable work which made a book « Rimonim Ba-Pardès », « Verger des grenades » (Editions du Palio), inwhich he speaks of the great subjects of culture and philosophy of Jewish life. This book was put online by the Alliance Israélite Universelle on the network of Jewish libraries Rachel.
The songs available in this biography were recorded in his home and shows what he liked to pass on.

Zabulon Sebban died in Paris on the 13th of Octobre 1983. He is buried in Lunéville. His wife died in february 1996 and is buried next to him.

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  • 12 Paracha BERECHIT

  • 13 Paracha VAYEH I

  • 14 Paracha BECHALAH

  • 15 Maphtir Paracha BECHALAH suivi du début de la Paracha YITRO

  • 16 Paracha YITRO

  • 17 Paracha MICHPATIM_Derniers versets

  • 18 Paracha des 3 Fêtes EMOR

  • 19 Paracha NASSO

  • 20 Les Ta amim

  • 21 Bénédictions avant la lecture de la Haftara

  • 22 Bénédictions après la lecture de la Haftara

  • 23 Kéter du Moussaf - Chabbat et fêtes – Tonalité nostalgique

  • 24 Kéter du Moussaf – Tonalité orientale

  • 25 Kéter du Moussaf – Tonalité joyeuse

  • 26 Kéter du Moussaf – Tonalité solennelle

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