The Oriental festival

A radio program of the European Institute for Jewish Music hosted by Avner Azoulay

LE FESTIVAL ORIENTAL – MONDAY JUNE 22, 2020, RADIO J (94.8), 15h35 and 16H05
Emission 110 et 111

Broadcasted every monday on Radio J (94.8 FM), « The oriental festival » is a radio program from the European Institute for Jewish Music dedicated to Oriental Music.

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Avner Azoulay is a radio host and producer on FM since 2002. Trained to Eastern music by his father Maurice Azoulay, radio host of the show " La fête orientale " on Judaïques FM, Avner Azoulay works since March 2018 at the European Institute for Jewish Music. As part of a partnership with Radio J, he hosts in February 2019 the show « The Oriental festival » created by Maurice Elfassi on Radio J.

Titles of the songs broadcasted

1st broadcast (3:35 p.m.):

  • Simon Sibony - Lamoledet Shouvi Roni (Moroccan piyut)
  • Ghalia Benali - Lamouni Li Gharou Meni (Tunisian classic)
  • Warda - Batwaness Bik (Algerian ballad)
  • Rachid Taha - Ya Rayah (Moroccan classic)
  • Nasrine Kadri et Moshé Perets - Hayinou Shnayim (Israeli variety)

2nd broadcast (4:05 p.m.):

  • Simon Sibony - Kohav Tsedek (Moroccan piyut)
  • Le Petit Michel (Michel Perez) - Alesh Ya Ghzali (Moroccan variety)
  • Line Monty - Ana Louliya (Classic from Oran)
  • Amal Maher - Alf Lila We Lila (Egyptian classic)
  • Sarit Hadad - Ani Meahelet’ lekha (Israeli variety)

Listen to

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  • Le festival oriental (RADIO J) - Emission du 22 juin 2020 à 15h35

  • Le festival oriental (RADIO J) - Emission du 22 juin 2020 à 16h05

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