French Judaism Foundation

Established in 1974 and officially recognized for its public utility in 1978, the French Judaism Foundation has maintained the following objectives since its existence: Developing and raising awareness about Jewish culture Highlighting the historical and spiritual patrimony of the French (…)


Yuval is a French association committed to the preservation of Jewish musical traditions created in 1985 by professors Israel Adler, Frank Alvarez­-Pereyre and Simha Arom. Its aim is to collect, preserve, study and disseminate Jewish musical traditions from France and elsewhere. Yuval is also (…)

The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah

The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah supports research on issues concerning antisemitic persecutions and the Holocaust, as well as research projects undertaken by French and foreign scholars. The Foundation thrives to make the French school of historians known at an international level. (…)

The Henriette Halphen Foundation

Created under the auspices of the French Judaism Foundation, the Henriette Halphen­-Schumann Foundation contributes to the preservation and diffusion of Jewish music, and to the organisation of musical events in the memory of Henriette Halphen-­Schumann (…)

The Rothschild Foundation - Alain de Rothschild Institute

The Rothschild Foundation -­ Alain de Rothschild Institute concentrates on studying the possibilities for, and taking actions towards the improvement of living conditions and other material resources especially in the area of housing and accommodation. It also provides support for different (…)

The Alliance Israélite Universelle

The Alliance Israelite Universelle was founded in Paris in 1860. Dedicated to the defence of the Jews and the promotion of human rights, it has, over the years, changed into a strong educational organisation that has revolutionized the Jewish world and French speaking countries. As an (…)