Article (in Italian) by Gianni DIENA, talking about his collaboration with the EIJM, to make known the Italian Jews in France

Concerned to make known the Italian judaism and its musical traditions, quite unrecognized, Gianni Diena, recently deposited to the European Institute for Jewish Music several documents. Browse his collection

In the article that he wrote in the Jewish newspaper of Turin “Ha Keillah” – published in May 2019 -, Gianni DIENA talks about his concern to remedy the unrecognized Italian judaism, and the work he did in France, in particular with the EIJM (but also with the MAHJ) to fill this void, by giving information and explanation (historical in particular), allowing to better understand the Italian rite, as a full tradition itself, with its characteristics.

Download below the article
Télécharger l’article de Gianni DIENA, publié sur le journal juif de Turin (Ha Keillah – maggio 2019)

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