Medieval music

Jewish songs of the 13th century in langue d’oïl and Hebrew

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 18th NOVEMBER 2014, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05 This program revives the life in sound of the Jewish communities of North of France in the 13th (…) Read more

Medieval Jewish music

PLAYLIST Listen to a selection of Jewish music from the Middle Ages Read more

Route of the Jewish song in France

PLAYLIST A musical journey through a representative selection of Jewish songs, from the 13th century to the present day, sung or edited in France ... Read more

Jews and Trouvères

This 12th CD of the collection Patrimoines musicaux des Juifs de France is dedicated to religious and festive songs from the Jewish communities based in the North of France (Flanders, Picardy, (…) Read more