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Playlist Enrico Macias

PLAYLIST A selection of Enrico Macias’ greratest songs... Read more

Judeo-Spanish songs: part 3

PLAYLIST below Judeo-Spanish is the vernacular language of the descendants of Jews chased from the Iberian Peninsula in 1492 and 1497... Read more

The Jewish traditional wedding n° 2

PLAYLIST The wedding in Jewish tradition follows certain rules. It’s about celebrating the marriage of two people, but also their belonging to a religious life. Retour ligne automatique Two (…) Read more

Jewish mothers 2

The stereotype of the Jewish mother has fed generations of psychoanalysts and inspired many autobiographic and satiric books. The following playlist is a tribute to all Jewish mothers. The (…) Read more


PLAYLIST Here is a playlist on the occasion of the Jewish holiday Sukkot. Read more

Israël Lovy (1773-1852)

PLAYLIST ow works by Israël Lovy, initiator of the reform of the French Jewish cult in the beginning of the 19th century Read more

Yom Kippur 2

Yom Kippur, also called « Day of Atonement » is one of the High Holy Days of the Jewish calendar... Read more

Rosh Hashana 2

Rosh Hashana, which means in Hebrew « head of the year », is the 1st day of the Jewish year. Although according to the Torah, the year begins during the month of Nissan, tradition has defined this (…) Read more

Discovering the Orient, by Avner Azoulay

PLAYLIST A presentation of Eastern music, with Oriental and Sefardi colours by Avner Azoulay, host and sound director on French radio Judaïques FM 94.8 Read more

Back to school!

PLAYLIST A nice music playlist to start the year ... Read more