Lidarti, Cristiano Giuseppe (1730 - after 1793)

Composer born in Vienna but having spent a large part of his life in Italy, Lidarti is the author of several Hebrew works, including the famous oratorio Ester, the longest and richest composition (…) Read more

Il gioco delle sorti

Il gioco delle sorti ("the game of fate" in Italian) is an opera composed by Gilberto Bosco in 2002, with a libretto by Sandra Reberschak. Following the theme of the Purim shpil which tells the (…) Read more

The Purim Shpil

The Purim Shpil - etymologically "Purim play" in Yiddish - is a satirical performance that blends theater, music, dance, songs, mimes and disguises. The origin of this custom is intimately (…) Read more

Hidden sides of Jewish Music : Purim

RADIO PROGRAM, hosted by Hélène Engel, about the Jewish holiday Purim, broadcasted on Radio SHALOM Montreal in 2015. Read more

Purim 2nd part

Playlist on Purim The word « purim » comes from the accadian word « pur » which means « to draw lots »... Read more

Itsik’s Megilah

Released in March 2015, the Medem Center Arbeter Ring in Paris published the famous Purim Shpil written by the poet Itsik Manger, with lyrics and music score, put on music by Dov (…) Read more

Of gold and light, a musical journey through Jewish celebrations

This radio program offers us a Mediterranean tour of Jewish celebrations, through the musical performance of Ensemble XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade. In its last disDans le dernier disque de cet (…) Read more


The word « purim » comes from the accadian word « pur » which means « to draw lots »... Read more

Baroque Jewish music

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - Tuesday november 22nd 2011, JUDAIQUES FM, 21h05 A radio program from the French Center for Jewish Music, presented by Hervé (…) Read more

Purim or Esther’s holiday in music

JEWISH MUSIC OF YESTERDAY AND TODAY - FEBRUARY 12TH 2013 - This radio program, commented and supervised by the cantor and Rabbi Jacques Arnold, offers an unprecedented musical vision of the (…) Read more