Sephardic rite

Ben Yosef, Benyamin Rafael (1870-1928)

Benyamin Rafael ben Yosef is born in 1870 in Adrianople (today Edirne), in Turkey. He comes, from his mother’s side, from a lineage of rabbis, among them Behmohar Rafael (1815-1878), great rabbi (…) Read more

The singing of the prayers in Algiers’ ritual

PLAYLIST below As a teenager, Zabulon Sebban followed the Rabbinic Seminary « Ets Haïm » of Algiers, and had as classmates the future great Rabbis Meyer Jaïs (Paris), and Simon Morali (Nancy then (…) Read more

Sebban, Zabulon (1911-1983)

Biography written in French by his son Alain Sebban (translated by EIJM) Born on the 11th of December in Géryville, near Oran (Algeria), Zabulon Sebban lived a full life. With his wife, Odette (…) Read more

Andalusian Music : Special broadcast dedicated to Daniel Halfon

RADIO PROGRAM hosted by, broadcasted on Radio on December 3rd 2015. Guest : Daniel Halfon Program in Hebrew Read more

Hidden sides of Jewish music : Daniel Halfon

RADIO PROGRAM, hosted by Hélène Engel, dedicated to the Judeo-Arab songs, broadcasted on Radio SHALOM Montreal, 2012. Read more

Liturgical chants of the Sephardim

Concert of sefarade liturgical music, given on sunday 14th september, during the study day Vox Aurea-Via Sacra 2014, dedicated to Jewish sacred music, Philippe Darmon, cantor at the Buffault (…)
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