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Binn, Sylvain (1911-1999)

Sylvain Binn is born in Luxembourg on March 8th 1911. His father, Salomon Binn, native of Lithuania, was a cantor in the Jewish community of Luxembourg. His mother, Sidonie Guggenheim, was native (…) Read more



To celebrate the Jewish holiday Shavuot, we offer you this playlist to listen to... Read more


Cooper, Adrienne (1946-2011)

Adrienne Khana Cooper (September 1st 1946 -December 25th 2011) was a singer - one of the great Yiddish performer’s of our time – and activist. She played a major role in the renewal of klezmer (…) Read more


Kirch, Albert (1918-2016)

Deceased on April 18th 2016 at the age of 98 years old, Albert Kirch was for more than 30 years the cantor of the Jewish community of Metz. This article is a tribute to (…)
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Videos and TV shows

Metz : The revival

In French. Excerpt of a concert filmed in the synagogue of Metz, for the French TV show "La source de vie" produced by Josy Eisenberg and directed by Pascale Kenigsberg-Cahen in April (…) Read more


Shalom Berlinski - The voice of fervor

From the collection MUSICAL HERITAGE OF THE JEWS FROM FRANCE, Vol 3 (...) Read more


Matrouz - Simon Elbaz

Release of a CD-DVD box by Simon Elbaz around the judeo-arab culture. Matrouz - in Arab, what is embroidered - is of oral tradition. Recalling this heritage of judeo-arab culture linked to (…)
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Chalude, Jacques, aka Ben Barukh (1914-1997)

Yitzhak Zaludkowski was born on September 20, 1914 in the city of Stawiszyn (Kalisz County, Poland) to a religious family. His father, as well as his uncle, were both cantors, and when his family (…) Read more


Gala concert of the European Institute for Jewish Music

Sunday November 8th 2015 at 5.30 PM Théâtre Adyar - 4, square Rapp, 75007 Paris The European Institute for Jewish Music is pleased to invite you to its great Gala Concert "la musique juive dans (…)
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Kandel, Harry (1885-1943)

Harry Kandel was one of the pioneers of klezmer, the traditional dance music of the European Jews, in the United States. Together with his orchestra, which featured two cornets, four violins, (…)
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