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LEON, Gilbert (1934)

Trained by Moïse Alvarez-Pereyre, Sadi Fonsèque and Roland Mossé, Gilbert Léon, born in Bordeaux on February 28, 1934, is one of the last representatives of the Portuguese rite in (…) Read more

Archive of the week

Study and application handbook of the Hebrew liturgy in the Sephardi-Portuguese ritual

The result of many years of work, this handbook by Gilbert Léon, accompanied by 65 CDs, presents an exhaustive vision of the Portuguese ritual of the ancient Marranian communities of South-West of (…)
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Sheet music

Il gioco delle sorti

Il gioco delle sorti ("the game of fate" in Italian) is an opera composed by Gilberto Bosco in 2002, with a libretto by Sandra Reberschak. Following the theme of the Purim shpil which tells the (…) Read more


The selichot in the Spanish-Portuguese rite

A selection of selichot performed by Abraham Lopes Cardozo, Daniel Halfon, Gilbert Léon, Guy Herrera and Roland Mossé... Read more


Shabbat songs in the Comtadine and Portuguese rites

A selection of Shabbat songs from communities of Portuguese rites (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Bordeaux, Bayonne, New York, Curaçao…) and from the Comtat Venaissin, performed by Abraham Lopes (…) Read more


Sukkot (1)

PLAYLIST Here is a playlist on the occasion of the Jewish holiday Sukkot. Read more

Archive of the week

Compilation of ancient and modern Hebraic chants

A compilation of musical scores of 1‎4‎6 pages comprising Shabbat services as well as holiday services
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Main holdings

Abbina-Diena collection

Handwritten scores, books and discs on liturgical chants and Jewish musical traditions in Italy Read more


Psalms: about Psalms 92 and 93

PLAYLIST Listen to Psalms 92 and 93 according to different rites and traditions Read more

Religious music

The Judeo-Portuguese rites in France : Bordeaux, Bayonne, Paris

Engaged in a PhD research work, Hervé Roten studied during seven years the music of the Judeo-Portuguese communities from all sides. He collected precious information, and his thesis that was (…) Read more

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