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Andalusian Music : Special broadcast dedicated to Daniel Halfon

RADIO PROGRAM hosted by, broadcasted on Radio on December 3rd 2015. Guest : Daniel Halfon Program in Hebrew Read more

Musical artists and Bands

Mosaik Klezmer

(Klezmer, judeo-spanish, judeo-arabic, Paris) Formed in 2011, this group draws its inspiration from klezmer music, an Ashkenazi Jewish musical tradition, which mixes influences such as (…)
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Books, articles

The Lost Paradise

In February 2016 was published this book that draws ethnographic and archival work to consider the entanglement of materiality, personhood, and temporality in the urban, Arabic-language musical (…) Read more


Cheikh Mwijo (1937-2020)

Cheikh Mwijo, whose proper name was Moshe Attias, was born in Meknes (Morocco) in 1937 and died in Kiryar Atta (Israel) on April 30, 2020. He was one of the greatest musicians of Jewish Moroccan (…) Read more


Üsküdara - Fel shara - Terk in America - Et cetera

PLAYLIST Üsküdara giderik’en is a song taken from a Turkish operetta of the end of the 19th century, which was translated or adapted in dozens of languages (Judeo-Spanish, Serbian, Croationa, (…) Read more


Zefira, Bracha (1910-1990)

Bracha Zefira was born in Jerusalem in 1910. Her father emmigrated from Yemen in 1887, and settled in the then Yemenite neighborhood of Nahalat Tsvi, in Jerusalem, and married Na’ama Amrani, (…) Read more

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La discothèque idéale de l’amateur éclairé de musiques juives : Yiddish craddle songs

RADIO SHOW In this program Hélène Engel lets us hear Jewish craddle songs taken from the album Yiddish Lullabies. Read more

Books, articles

The Jews in Maghreb through their singers and musicians in the 19th and 20th century

Specialist of Iranian Jewish culture, Alain Chaoulli presents in his book a wide panorama of Judeo-Arab-Andalusian music of the three countries from the Maghreb, Algeria, Morocco and (…)
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Enchanted Jewish Culture : Jews from India

RADIO BROADCAST Program hosted by Hélène Engel, broadcasted on Radio CJRS Montreal in 2017, dedicated to the Jews from India, with musical excerpts from the album of the Bnei Israel of Bombay (…) Read more


Videos of the European Institute for Jewish Music’s Gala Concert - 2018 Edition

Watch video clips of the fourth edition of the European Institute for Jewish Music’s Gala Concert which took place on Sunday November 11th 2018, Cortot Hall (…) Read more