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Tantz ! Klezmer & Gipsy music - Sirba Octet

Inspired by the migration both of people and of their music, this Sirba Octet opus forms a kind of bridge between Romania, Moldova, Russia and Hungary and their rich, interwoven treasuries of (…) Read more


Tarras, Dave (1897-1989)

Dovid Tarraschuk (1897-1989), better known as Dave Tarras, was born in the village called Ternovka, near Uman in Ukraine. As a very young boy, he was immersed in klezmer music, his father being a (…) Read more


Levy, Solly (1939-2020)

Tribute by Judith Cohen: Solly Levy was born in Tangier (Morocco) on November 1st, 1939. He emigrated to Canada with his wife, Madeleine, and their first child, Eddy, in 1968. Upon his arrival, (…)
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Album featuring Sefardi music from the Balkans, recorded by the band Shira u’tfila, on June 25, 2006, for the 80th anniversary of the Sukkat Shalom synagogue in (…) Read more

Radio shows from the EIJM

The Oriental festival

RADIO PROGRAM hosted by Avner Azoulay, broadcasted on RADIO J Monday 27th of January 2020. Read more

Religious music

Three Passover songs: Adir hu, Echad mi yodea and Chad gadya

FEATURE ARTICLE : Learn everything about the three songs that end the Passover seder : Adir hu, Echad mi yodea and Chad gadya Read more


Jonas, Émile (1827-1905)

Emile Jonas was born to a Jewish family in Paris on March 5, 1827. His father was Simon Jonas and his mother was Jeanette Pohl. In 1841, Emile Jonas, at 14 years old, began attending the Paris (…)
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Concert Matrouz by Simon Elbaz

Excerpts of the concert recorded in the Centre d’Art et de Culture - Espace Rachi. (2015) CD/DVD Matrouz Simon Elbaz on sale in the EIJM’s online shop Read more


Goldberg, Lea (1911 - 1970)

Poetess, author of books in prose for children and grown-ups, playwright, translator and specialist of literature, Lea (Leah) Goldberg is a monument of Israeli literature. Her texts inspired many (…)
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Gala concert of the European Institute for Jewish Music – 4th edition

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 11th 2018, 5h30pm, Salle Cortot - Paris, the EIJM invites you to its Great Gala Concert. PURCHASE TICKETS NOW on the EIJM’s online shop or book your seats by sending a bank check (…)
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