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Sirba Octet - Du Shtetl à New-York

A thrilling explosion of music blending folk and musical theatre. A journey back to the roots of American music by way of brilliant musicians, strong emotions and dancing (…) Read more


Halali, Salim (1920-2005)

Salim Halali, whose real name was Simon Halali, was a singer-songwriter of oriental music, born July 30, 1920 in Annaba, Algeria. Born into a Jewish family from Souk Ahras, he grew up with his 9 (…)
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LEON, Gilbert (1934)

Son of Emile Léon and Valentine Leon, born Lévy, Gilbert Léon, born February 28, 1934 in Bordeaux, he was the eldest of a sibling of 3 children: Gilbert, Michel and Denise. His father Emile, (…) Read more

Videos and TV shows

La source de vie : Portuguese heritage

View excerpts from "La source de vie : Portuguese heritage", a show by Josy Eisenberg, with the participation of Hervé Roten, broadcasted on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the synagogue (…) Read more


Songs of the Jewish people from Tunisia

PLAYLIST Listen to a music selection of the best Jewish singers from Tunisia ... Read more


Bécache, Jean (1911-1985)

The Bécache dynasty : from rabbi to musician Jean Bécache’s grand-father, Shalom Bécache, was born in Bombay in 1848. He was a native of Bagdad and spoke Arabic from Iraq. During a pilgrimage to (…) Read more

Secular music

Songs of Sefardi Jews

An introductive article about the singing of Sefardi Jews Read more


Adler, Israel (1925-2009)

Researcher, founder and former head of the Jewish Music Research Centre 1925-2009
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the Institute


Do you find the music and the history of the Jewish people interesting? Are you interested in taking actions today that will allow our children and grandchildren to have access to the exquisite (…)
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Nardi, Nahum (1901-1977)

Nahum Nardi was born Nahum Narodietzky in 1901 to a religious-Zionist family in Kiev, Ukraine. He was named after his uncle Dudu "Noyhem," who was the court rabbi of the (…)
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