Nokh oyfn veg

Polyphonic songs for mixed voices, harmonized for choir by and under the direction of Jean Golgevit.
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Josef Josef

First album of the band Josef Josef, it is composed of Yiddish, Gypsy, and Russian songs, released by the Buda Musique label
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Music festival... Ashkenazi version !

PLAYLIST – On June 21, we celebrate music ! Listen to a selection of klezmer music and Yiddish songs, that will make you dance and jump everywhere, to welcome with joy the heat of summer (…) Read more

Oyfn veg / En chemin - Popular Yiddish songs

Maison de la Culture Yiddish, Medem library, 2006. Oyfn Veg / En chemin is a bilingual compilation of Yiddish songs, with also a few Judeo-Spanish Hebrew and French songs, most of them being (…) Read more

Oyfn Veg (en chemin)

An album featuring popular Yiddish songs, harmonized for choir and conducted by Jean Golgevit
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Klezmer Attitude: Theodore Bikel

RADIO PROGRAM hosted by Edmond Ghrenassia, broadcasted on Radio Judaica Lyon (RJL), on June 4, 2007, dedicated to the Yiddish singer Théodore Bikel Read more

Witler, Ben-Zion (1907-1961)

Ben-Zion Witler (or Ben-Tsion Vitler, or also BenZion Wittler), was born in 1907 in Belz, in Galicia, and died in 1961. He was a singer, but also an actor and composer. At the age of 6, he left (…) Read more

Ben Zimet

Ben Zimet (vocals and narration), Nicole Uzan (vocals), Maurice Delaistier (musical direction-violin, guitar, piano), Gabi Levasseur (accordion, piano) The CD of the last public appearance show (…) Read more

Zimet, Ben (1935)

Ben Zimet, a native of Canada with a Jewish-Polish origin, is a Yiddish singer and story teller who lived for a long time in France. After his youth spent in America, Ben Zimet settled in Paris, (…) Read more

Ben Zimet – from shadow to light

MUSIQUES JUIVES D’HIER ET D’AUJOURD’HUI - TUESDAY 21st OCTOBER 2014, JUDAÏQUES FM (94.8), 21H05 Anvers, 1940, young Benjamin Zimet is 5 years old when starts the second world war. Along with his (…) Read more