M. Tauber & L. Grynszpan – Métamorphose des mélodies


Double album of Hebrew and Yiddish songs, performed by Michèle Tauber, accompanied by Laurent Grynszpan on the piano.

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Among the poets and composers, we find Natan Alterman, Lea Goldberg, Yehuda Amihaï, Mordekhay Gebirtig from Cracow, Itsik Manger, Jacques Grober ; Avrom Goldfaden, the father of Yiddish operetta, Sasha Argov, bank employee and then librarian in Tel Aviv, Moshe Wilensky, author of over 1 500 songs, Dov Zeltser composer among others of the famous musical Di megile lider based on Itsik Manger’s poems, Kurt Weil, Charles Trenet, Naomi Shemer, emblematic author and composer in Israel, and many others…

Their music draw at the same time from classical sources, Slavic, Gypsy and Balkan traditions, and also from rhythms and sounds of the East

Extraits :

01 – Dem ba’al shem tovs zemberl – Moyshe Bassin, Joseph Rumshinsky (CD1)

02 – In a feldele – Jacques Grober (CD1)

03 – Eynzam – Itsik Mangher, Nurit Hirsch (CD1)

04 – Di zun vet aruntergeyn – Moyshe Leyb Halpern, Ben Yomen (CD1)

05 – Ete ma-she ratsiti – Yoram Tehar-Lev, Sasha Argov (CD2)

06 – Lifnot erev – Aharon ShabtaÏ, Sasha Argov (CD2)

07 – Hu lo yada et shima – Hayim Hefer, Sasha Argov (CD2)

08 – Ha-simla ha-segula – Hayim Hefer, Sasha Argov (CD2)

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