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Book-CD. Poetic and musical tale, created by Mirélè Rozen. Alternating stories and traditional songs, mainly in Yiddish, presented with their phonetic transcription.

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Poetic and musical tale, created by Mirélè Rozen

By finding old family documents in a chest, a young lady learns that her great grandfather, whom she did not know, was Jewish.

The letters that she discovers make appear in front of her eyes the events and people from the past, rebuilding the lost story of her family, while a timeless dialogue starts with her great grandfather.

This is how her forefather, in a delightful exchange full of humor and poetry, reveals to her his Alsatian origins, his childhood in a deprived family, his passionate love for a young Catholic woman who he will marry, in the time of the Dreyfus Affair.

He speaks of his life in Constantine, then in Bordeaux during the occupation, his daughter Josette, but also his fears. The heroine becomes aware of the unconscious forces that play in this family story, and links her love for the Yiddish songs that she discovered by accident, to her family roots hidden by her grandmother. She draws from it the strength to confront her own doubts, to claim her part of Jewishness that she felt inside of her, as well as her desire to pass on to the future generations those Yiddish songs that she loves so much

At first a musical and poetic tale created by Mirélè Rozen, this performance for children became a book-CD. Alternating narratives and traditional songs, mainly in Yiddish, and featuring their phonetic transcription, this story makes us learn about Yiddish music and the richness of this culture.

With the participation of Jean Birenbaum, José Navas, Alexis Chalom, Jacinta, Raphaëlle and Monique Vainberg, illustrated by Ophélie Trichereau, prefaced by Yaël Hassan, supported by La fondation Rothschild, La Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah and La Fondation d’entreprise La Poste, and edited by Anima & Cie.

Extracts : 

01. A mol iz geven a mayse

09. I like she

16. Miserlu

18. Dodi li

25. Unter dayne vayse shtern

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