Guided Tours

The guided tours are made to make you discover step by step a style, a period, or a field of Jewish music.

From a biography to a feature article, while listening to a specific playlist, follow the tracks of the guided tours.

Juifs d'Ethiopie

The music of Ethiopian Jews

Ethiopian Jews form a unique community within the Jewish diaspora, due to their geographical location within the African continent. The traditional Ethiopian liturgy – which is not sung in Hebrew – and its music are totally different from other Jewish traditions. Discover this fascinating world with a few clicks……
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Klezmer music

The word klezmer comes from the combination of the Hebrew words Kli and Zemer, literally meaning “tool (or instrument) of the singing”. This word designates the instrumental music of the Center and East-European Jews. Strongly marked by its geographical and cultural environment, klezmer music is extremely varied. Discover it with a few clicks……