Klezmer Fiddle: a how to guide

By Ilana Cravitz


16 tunes with accompanying chords plus pull-out booklets for second fiddle and cello/bass

Published by Oxford University Press in 2008, this book (with CD), written by the klezmer violinist Ilana Cravitz, is suitable for anyone wanting new tunes, play-along parts, or ways to explore klezmer traditional-style playing.

Klezmer Fiddle will immerse you in the style and help you to develop authentic klezmer skills. It’s the perfect way to explore the repertoire and build up a body of fantastic tunes.

This klezmer method contains :

■  16 tunes in treble clef with chords above the stave for easy accompaniment

■ CD including performances of each tune and backings

■ Guidance on style and interpretation— tonality, phrasing and bowing, and ornamentation.

Sekund and bass parts provided in two pull-out booklets

■ Accompanying instruments can play along using the chords above the melody line

Order the book/CD: Oxford University Press or on Ilana Cravitz website 

More about Ilana Cravitz

Visit the Ilana Cravitz website

Khosn kale mazaltov – Performance – Ilana Cravitz
Khosn kale mazaltov – Backing – Ilana Cravitz

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