Itaï Daniel – Mahzor Hayim


A French-Israeli pianist, conductor and composer, Itai Daniel is the author of an inspired and sensitive jewish musical opus, revealed by this CD. A unique discovery !


Few are the composers who devote a major part of their work to Jewish liturgical music. Itai Daniel, the French-Israeli pianist, orchestra conductor and composer, is one of them.

After important musical studies in Israel and the USA, Itai Daniel settled in Paris to devote himself to composing. In 2009, Itai Daniel was hired as the conductor of the Copernic Choral Ensemble in Paris, now recognized as one of the best Jewish choirs in Europe.

Author of numerous works, his music oscillates between classicism and modernity, in a unique blend that gives it a very special flavor. Much of his work is related to vocal music of Jewish inspiration. His choral compositions include prayers such as Hashkiveinu, Hevenu Shalom Aleichem, Shalom Rav, Kaddish, Oseh Shalom, … He has also composed three important cantatas for choir: Machzor Chayim (2006), Shema Koleinu (2007) and Bereshit (2008), as well as over twenty melodies for voice and piano solo from Jewish melodies.

This unique record, performed by Itaï Daniel, Anne-Sophie Durand, Aviva Timonier, Yska Benzakoun, Thomas Macfarlane, François Olivier, and the Francis Bardot Choirs leads us into the deepest part of the Jewish soul

Extraits :

01 – Ma Tovou Ohaleiha Ya’akov

02 – Adon Olam

03 – Kedousha

04 – Shema

05 – Kaddish

06 – El Malé Rahamim

07 – Ossé Shalom Bimromav

08 – Élégie pour violoncelle et piano

09 – Shema Koleinou

10 – Lakol Zman veEt

11 – Vaykhoulou haShamayim

12 – Hashkiveinou

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