En Chemin – Yiddish folk songs


The Deux-Sèvres Chamber Choir

The Entonneurs

The Dames de Chœur of the music conservatory of the Bocage Bressuirais

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The meeting with Jean Golgevit, and the discovery of his magnificent harmonizations of Yiddish folk songs led the Deux-Sèvres Chamber Choir to appropriate this new repertoire. In order to answer the specificities of the different harmonizations (in mixed voices, for chorus of women and for chorus of men). The Choir Ladies (Dames de Chœur) and The Singers (Les Entonneurs) were invited to share the adventure.

This musical repertoire is inspired by both secular songs and folk dances, as well as simple, wordless melodies. Brewed by the influences of slaves, Gypsies, Greeks, Turks, and later, by Jazz, this music has acquired a diversity and a characteristic sound. These songs are harmonized by Jean Golgevit, bringing an originality to the ensemble: instead of being accompanied by instruments as usual, they are interpreted a cappella.

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Dem milners trern

Gloyb mamenyu

Shtiler ovnt

Ze dos kleydl, tateshi

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