Fuente Nueva


FUENTE NUEVA – Traditional jewish moroccan songs

Keren Esther (vocals), Paco Chambi (guitar), Sylvain Fournier (percussions)

Physical album out of stock, but downloadable album still available


Tangier, 1930, in a neighborhood  called Fuente Nueva (new fountain), Yaacov meets Yohevet and fell in love. From this love story, several children will be born, including a girl, Clara, Keren Esther’s mother. Throughout her childhood, Keren Esther will be rocked by the ladino songs of her mother and her grandmother, love songs, wedding songs, but also abandoned-women songs. Songs, some of them coming from Turkey or Balkans, weaving a story which is also Keren Esther’s story.

Accompanied in the guitar and in the percussions by Paco Chambi and Sylvain Fournier, this wonderful CD by Keren Esther exhales the sweet Mediterranean way of living, the smell of mint tea and the shade of the Moresque gardens.

Extraits :

02 – Yo me levantaria un lunes / Day de cenar

08 – Yo m’enamori

09 – Una tarde de verano

12 – Fel Shara

14 – Mi nuera

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