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Release of the 2 first collections of musical scores by Itaï Daniel


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Now available at the EIJM’s editions

Twenty nigunim for clarinet and piano by Claudine Movsessian and Martine Vialatte

Now available at the EIJM’s editions

Release of the 5th CD of the "Classics Collection"
Life cycle and other works

Now available at the EIJM’s editions

Release of the 4th CD of the "Classics Collection"
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Perdu dans les étoiles ou Le destin juif de Kurt Weill

Author of three books dedicated to Kurt Weill, Roland Bélicha is a former collaborator of the magazines Revue Musicale and Revue Finno-ougrienne. He also wrote about Erik (…) Read more

Weill, Kurt (1900-1950)

Kurt Julian Weill is born in Dessau. He is the third of four children of Emma Ackermann and Albert Weill, cantor in the synagogue of Dessau (from 1899 to 1919) and composer, mainly of liturgical (…) Read more

Klezzy !

Recorded in September 2018 by the band Klezmer Loshn, the CD "Klezzy !", gathers klezmer melodies arranged in a style blending classical and traditional
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Symposium "Jewish music in Alsace Lorraine"

On March 2nd and 3rd 2019 in Strasbourg, will be held the 41st symposium of the Société d’Histoire des Israélites d’Alsace et de Lorraine, entitled "Jewish music in Alsace (…)
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Sounds of the week

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Kurt Weill (1900-1950)

A selection of compositions by Kurt Weill, partly inspired from Judaism

The Oriental festival

LE FESTIVAL ORIENTAL – LUNDI 4 FEVRIER 2019, RADIO J (94.8), 16H05 - Broadcast n°1, hosted by Avner Azoulay

Ledor Vador : Louis Lewandowski, a few essential works

18th show hosted by Hector Sabo, broadcasted on Radio Judaïca Strasbourg in 2018.


Café des Psaumes

Concert Klezmer, avec Claude Berger et Florient Dumitru

Le 24 février 2019 à 16h au Café des Psaumes à Paris (75004), concert Klezmer, avec Claude Berger et Florient Dumitru sur le thème "petites et grandes histoires juives".


La Bellevilloise