Lullabies from all over the world

A 33 RPM disc with a cover in relief !


This 33 RPM disc Lullabies from all over the world, which looks quite simple at first sight, has in fact a beautiful cover in relief inspired by a painting from Henri Galeron.


This type of contents in relief is usually used for children’s upmarket books, rather than disc covers, which brings to this document a rareness and undeniable attraction.


This disc, edited by the music label Le Chant du Monde in 1995, gathers 15 classicla lullabies from French, Yiddish, Russian, English and African folklore. It is the result of a collaboration of prestigious artists : Colette Magny, Naomi Moody, Talila, Marina Vlady and Brenda Wootton.

What a joy to listen to this disc while staring to the 3D details of the inside cover !



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